The TRANSITION Project participated in the first edition of the #EFIMedForum 2022!

European Forest Institute organised the first EFIMed Forum was held in Barcelona from the 29th of November to 1st of December. It tackled the crosscutting issue for Mediterranean forests: forest management for Mediterranean forest resilience.

UVic-UCC presented a poster explaining the project and showing a summary of the first work package. It was a great opportunity to meet more stakeholders, researchers, and policymakers working to make #Mediterranean #forests more #resilient to #climatechange and demographic challenges.

A field visit to Montserrat Natural Park as an integral part of the forum. The visit included the interaction with people who work with agroforestry systems, they relation with rural abandonment, and the forest fire risks prevention and management in central Catalonia.

Figure 1 The poster was promoted the interaction with stakeholders and researchers.
Figure 2. EFIMed promoted the interaction among different participants with a two-day workshop on resilience of forest Systems in the Mediterranean.
Figure 3. Field visit to Montserrat Natural Park. Assistants were able to see forest management to reduce fire risk.
Figure 4. Field visit to Montserrat Natural Park. A technician and a farmer (from right to left of the photography), explained the combination and management of cow herd, pasture, and forest.