Created on 1966 and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development. INRAA has 12 agronomic research divisions and 11 experimental stations. INRAA missions are: i) the development of research programs and the definition of mechanisms and modalities for their implementation; ii) execute research and experimentation programs within its field of activity; iii) coordinate at the national level, in collaboration with sectoral and inter-sectoral structures, agricultural research activities; iv) participate in the development of training and development plans for research purposes; v) promote research results and ensure their dissemination and use in collaboration with the institutions concerned. INRAA closely collaborates with University in various aspects: student supervision and training, various other areas.

The team of INRAA have experience in term of resilience and sustainability of agro-systems and have worked in international project such as the Eranetmed project: Pastoral ACTORs, Ecosystem services and Society as key elements of agro-pastoral systems in the Mediterranean.