CTFC is a public consortium created in 1996 with the mission of contributing to the modernization and competitiveness of forest sector, promoting rural development and fostering the sustainable management of the environment through excellence in research and transfer of knowledge and technology to society, with the final aim of becoming a reference center at the national and international level.

At present, CTFC hosts 100+ staff with 40 PhD and two Joint Research Units. Under its Multifunctional Management programme, CTFC contributes to the study and promotion of sustainable forest management and restoration. CTFC has participated in 200+ international projects including partners from 30+ non-EU countries. CTFC has a long record of involvement in competitive RTD projects funded by EU calls (H2020, PRIMA, Interreg, LIFE), Spanish Government, international cooperation entities and private companies. Since 2019 CTFC is a “Tecnio” certified center, a regional distinction for highly qualified technological entities with experience on commercial projects. CTFC is also member of “CERCA”, the network of excellence research centers in Catalonia.