Interviews to policy experts

The TRANSITION project search a solid understanding of the barriers to wider of new agricultural practices implementation in agroforestry and mixed farming systems.

Within this context, all partners are performing interviews to policy experts and relevant authorities in the regional, national and supra-national level. TRANSITION aims to analyse potential policy or economic instruments which could be used to promote uptake and expansion of the agroforestry and mixed farming systems. Furthermore, they are analysing current regulations to detect the legal and regulatory impediments to extension of the systems.

Last week the group from UVIC-UCCinterviewd the Agriculture and Livestock General Head, Elisenda Guillaumes. The interviewed explained accurately the potential of some inicitatives existing in the region (Catalonia) for the mainteinance and expansion of agroforestry systems. In Catalonia region, agrosilvopastoral (trees, crops, and animals) and silvopastoral (trees and animals) are the main present types of agroforestry systems. Even thought, she also remarked that these kind of systems are unfavoured over the monoculture farming.

At the end, after the evalutaion of barriers and impacts among regions of the study, a white paper analysis of policy barriers and a Med Basin-Wide Roadmap document will be performed to policy audience and decision-makers.